From a risk-management perspective, DevSecOps engineers and Risk Management Framework (RMF) IT security engineers must be in sync. operational languages. Although their tools and methodologies are similar, areas of significant disparity lead to the two communities speaking different operational languages.

This paper discusses the reasons for this disparity and the potential benefits of bringing these two communities together.

We also present what we think needs to be done so they can integrate, speak a common language, and automate implementations – particularly regarding the RMF process.

We hope is that this paper will be used as a guideline for further research and development (R&D) leading to a more forward leaning and comprehensive security posture. Such a posture will rely less on intermittent monitoring, sporadic manual intervention, and documentation. Instead, it will embrace the principles of agile methodologies, ensuring overall life-cycle security and compliance through automation using emerging tools and technologies.

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